Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Thanks to my Sunfish sailing buddy from Michigan,
here's the latest sushi platter enjoyed by TG and family:
Unagi roll – BBQ river eel, cucumber, and avocado

Salmon on the beach (2 rolls) – avocado, crab meat, 
cream cheese with baked salmon, and sweet cream sauce

Philadelphia roll – smoked salmon and cream cheese on a California roll 

Tamago – rolled egg with rice

Thanks, M2F.  Now my stomach's growling.


  1. I don't know why the text has white background. Like I said, I'm still learning.

  2. sushigan = Michigan quality sushi?

    I'm not really even that big of a sushi guy - but that was some good stuff.
    I think our friends who 1st took us to Shiro said it is sushi with a French influence maybe, so a bit more fancy/exotic than the usual.

  3. Cream cheese and cream sauce with sushi?

    You were there and had the great experience, but not a combo I would have anticipated.

  4. Mojo, as I had mentioned - I think the "special rolls" have a bit more of a French influence (is it called fusion?), so yes, they are probably not the typical standard fare for sushi.

    my wife loves it - and you know the saying: a happy wife is a happy life.

  5. 10-4 on the spousal front!