Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Pie's the Limit

Time to empty out the fridge and make some pizza. 
Kansas and Connecticut.  Sounds like a Final Four match-up.
 These had oysters, spinach, cob-smoked bacon, and basil.

Earlier, I had grilled some vegetables so we wouldn't feel so damn
guilty just eating decadent pizza for dinner.  I'll be picking at this for
days to come.  Monday and maybe Tuesday.  Then it will be gone.

Mommy doesn't care for the fancy toppings, so mushrooms and 
basil are more than sufficient.  A nice tea towel helped to curb the 
heat.  Eventually we'll put it away before it gets too frayed.

By now you've realized that I don't give a damn about the shape
of the pie itself.  I've done extensive research on that subject in
particular, and I can confidently report that the shape has absolutely
nothing to do with how it tastes. 

Liv's pie had chicken-apple sausage and fried red potato slices.
And it was damn good, too.  We love you Hannah, but you had
to get back to school before we had dinner.  We'll do it again.


  1. Like to new (alternate) blog title. Much more descriptive!

    But, please, whom are you trying to kid about dessert? I don't recall you backing away from the pie table at OFD.

  2. Mojo, one of the few times a year where I actually look forward to dessert is OFD. Your Ma's pumpkin and my Ma's apple pies are not to be missed. Usually otherwise, I'd rather have another order of oysters on the half or Uni in a Spooni. And can we have some more ice for the Sake bucket?

  3. Ok, point taken on dessert.

    You lost me on ice for the Sake bucket??

  4. If I'm having Uni for dessert, I'd like the end of the Sake to be icy for the last swill or two. I've always said that if your Uni is fresh, it should taste like an ocean wave knocking you off your feet.

  5. I bow to the Master. I overlooked that you were referring to Uni as "dessert". Sounds exciting!

  6. That is a nice teatowel! I've got one too, I need to blog about it.