Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Recipe Schmecipe

Giardiniera.  More or less equal parts water and white vinegar, then 
more or less equal parts salt and sugar, although less than the liquid 
amounts. You gotta taste it constantly.  A couple of bay leaves, some 
black peppercorns, some whole cloves.  Cut the cauliflower into equal
sized florets and slice some carrots and celery.  Put all the vegetables
in the pot of pickling liquid, making sure it's all covered.  If not, add
 water until it is.  Some recipes have you boiling the pickling liquid 
separately, and blanching the vegetables in another pot.  Let's wash
one less pot and still end up with a great product, shall we?  Bring
the pot to a boil, cover it, turn off the heat, and let it sit to steep.
And if you do it outside on the gas grill, the house won't smell like
a pickle factory.  According to my wife, not me.

When the pot is cooler to the touch, spoon out the vegetables into
an old jar, then pour the liquid in until full.  Twist on cap and...done.
It must be refrigerated; you can't set it on the shelf of the root cellar.
Don't worry.  This stuff won't last too long.  You'll be standing in front
of the open fridge door in your underwear, eating this stuff straight
out of the jar at 2 in the morning.  I guarantee.


  1. And yes, any other fairly sturdy vegetables can go in as well, chiles also for a little whang.

  2. hold the frickin phone. did you just finish a post with "standing in your underwear", and then follow up with a comment about a "little whang"? I thought this was a food blog, man.

  3. Should I have said Tang? Or heat? Dang.

  4. I'm not sure Tang is much better.

    this is one recipe I'm not sure I'm excited about yet.

    (btw, any idea why your 2 blogs don't email me when comments are made? I don't even see an option to sign up for it...)

  5. never mind, I think I found it.

  6. hey Baydog, my friend Mandy and I are heading to Philly for the flower show. Any recommendations for places to go for dinner?

    O-Docker also wants to see an outlander's unbiased review of the Philly cheesesteak...

  7. http://matyson.com/ Favorite restaurant to date, and it's a BYOB. It might be too late for a dinner reservation for this weekend, but you may be able to get in for lunch. Let me know!

  8. Thanks! Reservations obtained, will report back! Menu looks fantastic. Wish they did the tastings on weekends!