Friday, July 8, 2011

Full Swing

New Jersey farmstands are just about in full swing, with the 
world-famous sweet white corn, tomatoes, and yellow peaches 
headlining the bill.  The Kirby cukes make great asian cucumber
salad, and the beans are rock hard and dark green, picked this
morning.  I try like hell not to buy vegetables in the grocery store
from July thru September, relying on the bounty of the local stands
instead.  Yeah, you may pay a bit more for certain items, but just
knowing that the stuff is that much fresher makes it all worthwhile.
A close blogging friend put it best: "There's a lot to be said for letting 
fruit and veggies ripen in the field instead of a warehouse."  This 
produce I consider to be 'artisanal', in that it takes more time to 
nurture, to mature, and to bring to market than mass-grown and
harvested crops.  There's a difference in the look, feel, and taste
of these fruits and vegetables.  And they might not always appear
as perfect as their store-bought cousins.  Billy Crystal once said,
"It's not how you look, darling, but how you taste."  Or something
like that.  By the way, this white corn was " the most obscenely 
sweet and juicy, kernels pop in your mouth, where did that ear 
just go? corn"  I've had in about ten months.  I'll be leaning over 
the sink later-on tonight devouring the rest of the leftover ears.
Even if I'm not necessarily hungry. 

BTW, is anyone else's basil exploding? 


  1. I understand that "artisanal" is now a word, Billy Chrystal is seminal, and eating over the sink, devouring while not hungry is emblematical of feeding as opposed to dining. This was a tasty post to digest and my compliments to the Chef.

  2. Now that's what I'm talkin' about.

    Sweet, white, Jersey corn. You can suck the juice out of the cob, after you've eaten all the kernels, and THAT's sweet, too.

    Can you attach some to an e-mail?

  3. Hell, now you're talking just like me! Whether you're standing over the sink or sitting in your boat having cold leftover ears like I did today, nothing beats the white corn.

    I could overnight some to you, or you could come for a weekend. The corn is consistent pretty much through September, and now that I'm not sleeping in the guestroom anymore..........