Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Can't beet 'em

I had been asking for beets at one of my favorite farmstands
for a week or two, and today they got sick of me asking.  The 
farmer went out back and pulled 2 bunches for me while I waited.
Within an hour they were trimmed, washed, and roasted in their
skins with olive oil until a knife easily went through them.  Roasting
as opposed to boiling the beets retains all of the juices and the 
deep red color and concentrates the flavor of the beet as well. 

When cooled, rub off the skin, slice the beets, and mix with a 
sliced onion, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, salt and pepper.
Simple. And phenomenally delicious.  


  1. I share this passion for beets. Have grown my own whenever I had a garden. A great and overlooked root veg, to me they represent a taste of the earth as uni(sea urchin roe) represent a taste of the ocean. Not to be had together, though. Well, maybe, a new surf and turf??

  2. Another Uni aficionado! Love them both but not together. Now, Uni and sticky rice would be a great surf and turf.

  3. Mmm. My beet crop took the worst beating (pardon the pun) when I let the weeds take over my garden, but I have a few nearing ready to eat. Can't wait. Love beets.

  4. PS - not having been to Purple Yam since the Hawaiian night, I gave in to craving last night. Dumplings of the day: Crispy fried dumplings stuffed with beet, carrot and kimchi.

    Absolutely delicious!

  5. I always dive in to Kimchi with a fork when I buy it, usually a pint sized container. After a couple days and 2/3 of the container, I lose interest. It's a mood thing.

  6. OK, I had to come over again to mention that I think I was having some sort of weird foodie wishful-thinking moment the other day on Frogma.

    The actual name of the reef at Orient Point is Oyster Pond Reef. I didn't get it quite right.

  7. That's okay. It's alright to be pre-occupied with an oyster bar.

  8. I knew I'd come to the right place for sympathy! :D

  9. I will have to take you to Ha na Reum for Korean. Blood sausage(Sun dae), fresh Kimchee and Etc. I am fond of Korean cooking and make a pretty good KALBI, Kim Bop and an unbeatable Dol Sut Bibim Bop. My soups will kick your ass as well. One rainy day perhaps.