Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Must-Stop

We drove our younger daughter to camp in the Poconos this
morning, travelling north on rt. 31 and then east on 46 on our 
way to the Delaware Water Gap.  While passing through Buttzville, 
I couldn't help noticing Hot Dog Johnny's, a throwback roadside 
mecca of  deep-fried hot dogs and draft birch beer.  Note to self:  
Stop there on the way back, at any cost.  Do not eat a single bite of
food between now and the moment you pull into that parking lot
on the way home.  The lot was empty at 8:00 a.m., but surely they'd 
be jamming at lunch time.  My intuition proved to be accurate as the 
place was abuzz with travelers of all shapes and sizes.     

We waited only a couple minutes in line, and when I got to the
window, I realized how customers were served so quickly.  I
naively asked if there was a menu to see, for I had scanned the 
walls and found nothing of the sort.  The reply was no.  I then 
asked what they had, and in a single breath, the girl behind the
counter said, "hot dogs, fries and soda".  Then give me two hot
dogs with pickles and mustard, fries, and a birch beer.  My order
was taken so quickly, I had forgotten to ask about the buttermilk,
which apparently some people drink cold from a mug with their
dogs and fries.  Next time......Buttermilk?  

We found a picnic bench out of about a dozen, which on the average, 
turns in around ten minutes or so.  The birch beer was deep red and
delicious, the fries were crispy and salty (perfect), and the dogs were
pretty average, truth be told.  A little bit wrinkled from the deep fryer,
they were good, not great.  Didn't matter.  This place smacked of
Americana and to pass by would have surely amounted to treason.
And far be it from us not to be American-like.


  1. TODAY:

    Today (July 10th) I also consumed some delicious oysters. My brothers, my self and our families took my parents out to see Wicked at the Kennedy Center and then to Old Ebbits Grill for dinner. Together we celebrated their 50th Wedding anniversary. I am not much of a musical person but I really enjoyed the performance. Old Ebbits is DC's cant go wrong place and they are known for many things including their oysters. My only complaint is that they do not carry local oysters. Today we had 2 dozen of Wellpoint oysters that are from Wellpoint Bay Mass. I don't know where that is but they were good. Nice and salty. Like the new blog spot and since I know far more about food than sailing I may be a more informative contributor.


  2. I know less about food than I do about sailing. But I would not go out of my way to get a hot dog. Bangers (with apple or spinach) maybe. Oysters? Always!

  3. RW: It was ON the way, and apart from the Americana aspect, I wouldn't now go out of the way for those dogs. Would the apples or spinach be in the bangers, or on the side? And yes, always oysters, especially with spinach, bacon and cheese!

  4. RW,

    Apples and spinach could be considered..I hate to use the H word but I have to, healthy. That simply won't do. Bangers go with mash and lots of Guinness. BUT A HOT DOG is the keystone of American Junk food. R.W. I don,t know if you are aware of this but the USA's design of our spacecraft was based on the shape of the Hot, Dog, sans fins. In fact we (the USA) make sure we include Hot dogs as a cultural food source in all of our deep space probes...and this is confidential, the hot dogs have averaged 4 out 4 stars from all the aliens encounters. But bangers are good too.


  5. Baydawg & Doug:

    Apple definitely should be in the bangers, but I'm told gentlemen don't inquire into the ingredients of our hot dogs or politics. Please advise.

  6. Good heavens...did you see the article in the NYTimes yesterday about the wealthy parents who are skipping the traditional drive and sending their children to camp in private jets?

  7. The thing you know they'll be hiring kids to go to camp for their kids