Friday, July 15, 2011


Check out the veil of smoke escaping from the grill and
 then being sucked up over the lid.  Ghostlike, it clings
to the exterior of the dome and then releases at the top.

With the indirect cooking/smoking of the rib-ends and
potatoes complete, more charcoal was added and
soon the marinated flank steak would be grilled.

Of course, Jersey sweet white corn was also served,
and all the while dark & stormies were consumed.

This test rib yelled out to be eaten.  Barely clinging to its
own serving utensil, the meat, cartilage, and fat slowly
receded from the bone, leaving a perfect, tidy mouthful
of smoky heaven.  I'm hungry again just writing this.


  1. The weber is a fine invention.

  2. You know, Baydog? My only exposure to ribs has been in public eateries like clubs and restaurants. I have never wanted to 'wear out' what I ate 'out', so I never order them. But this shot makes me determined to get some and barbecue them at home and do it this weekend! (I can always shower afterwards, huh!) How do you like that kettle o' fish?

  3. I had a Weber and I loved her so. My Wife bought it for me before we were married and I had her (the grill) for many years. I replaced many parts and several times restored her to her original luster. Then I sold out. I got a high end yuppie rip off gas grill and gave my Weber to my brother in law who could not find his ass around a grill with 2 hands and A mirror.....I need to get another Weber! The good side is that I still have my Wife!