Sunday, April 22, 2012

Great Day, Great Dinner

Tuna Tataki.  And a third of it was already gone.  Huge portion.

The freshest salmon seared with chili powder, then served with
a chile/citrus juice and chopped scallions and chiles on top.

Olivia slayed the Dragon Roll and went California Dreamin'.

It's so nice to be appreciated and recognized by your local
favorite restaurant for being a good customer.  Unagi (eel)
in the foreground, then two spoons of ultra-fresh Uni
(sea urchin roe),  King Salmon sushi,  Tri-Me roll (fried oyster,
mango, avocado and shiso inside, then Tuna, Salmon, and
Yellowtail on the outside).  Last but not least, an overstuffed
spicy tuna roll.  If these guys ever close their doors, we're selling 
the house and moving to where they set up shop next.  

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