Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Simple and Good

Grilled boneless pork chops, roasted Yukon Gold potatoes,
Brussels sprouts with butter, and cured olives and oven-dried
tomatoes.  Almost every forkful has all the elements of  the
spread laid out before me.  It's no wonder I'm always the last
to get up from the table.


  1. Clarion Pennsylvanian, 1980 You put forth the question "would you like to eat some brussel sprouts" I said "I do like them Dave I am". After trying them in boxes, with foxes and all over the place I tried one and I said "say!! I do like brussle sprouts I do I do Dave I am" and I have been enjoying them ever since.

    Thank you, Thank you, Dave I am.

    Where I am coming from is where I am.


  2. Doug, do you like pepper pot?
    just a little, or maybe a lot?
    it's got tripe and potatoes and such.
    No, said Doug, not that much.

    But the cafeteria lady said there's plenty more!
    and if you don't eat some she'll surely be sore
    for cooks in the kitchen slave all day and night
    to prepare this porcine intestinal delight!

    Just pinch your nose and down a ladle
    then I'll pull you up from under the table
    It's tender, rich and full of flavor
    an acquired taste you soon will savor

    Trust me

  3. I do not like tripe I certainly do not
    Not with a pepper or in a pot
    I do like pepper and I do like pot
    But pepper is legal and pot is not.
    So I say what do I do?
    But obey the law as you do too……
    So pepper is a yes and pot is a no
    But there is scotch whiskey just so you know
    Johnny Walker’s my friend all dressed in black
    And toast we will, as soon as we get back
    Together, together when the sailing is good
    In the spring when it’s in May we certainly should ……but hopefully much sooner

  4. I so value your friendship, and you're quite good at the rhymes.