Monday, October 24, 2011

Dude, you keeping those?

Calm down Doug, they're basil seeds.  I thought I might strip them
from the stalks on my basil plant outside the back door and see
if they sprout next April.  They still smell pungent and who knows?
Yeah yeah, I know.  Some things never change, thank goodness.


  1. Top 5 things why Baydog loves to save (because you can’t do 10) basil seeds.

    # (5) You got nothing on me Martha Stewart…(bit@*)
    # (4) Basil seeds reverse the effects of Global Warming
    #(3) Male erectile dysfunction…See Yaa!
    #(2) If Tony LaRussa saved his basil seeds he might not have f-up’d his chance on winning the World Series (did you see that bull pin fiasco, come on!) sorry it’s still on my mind

    And finally ...
    #(1) Mom, Dad!, they're not mine I am holding them for a friend... Hey mom did buy any ice cream? oooh left over pizza...

  2. I had just the same thought the other day (the one about the basil seeds, not the one about what the little baggie looks like).

    So, I went in search of my basil seeds and thought they had all escaped from the little brown husks (?). It turns out the seeds are black and tiny and, I think, hiding inside the little brown husks. But the birds may have gotten to them.

    At any rate, I just buried the husks in the soil of the pot and am hoping for the best. Things don't freeze here, so the pot and the soil and (hopefully) the buried seeds will all be there on the deck ready to go when things warm up again in the spring.

    Hope springs eternal, but maybe not basil seeds.

  3. Hope may spring eternal, but Sulphur Springs Texas. Can those seeds lay dormant that long
    until the Chiffon Margarine Lady says it's time to germinate? You do know that "it's not nice to fool Mother Nature".