Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Pizza Night

I don't think being perfectly round is the most important thing.
I made two, and there was not a slice left.  


  1. I like the pizza on the grill, forget about the shape, your version wafted over to Jackson but I knew that we would be too late to share in the bounty.

    I don't think that I ever cooked a round Pizza, of course, I never cooked a Pizza before cocktails.

  2. My wife gave me a set of cookbooks from Williams and Sonoma. They are titled Paris, Barcelona and Florence. They are a cross between cookbook and travel brochure but I like a lot of the recipes. My hands down favorite is the simplest, Pizza.

    The W & M recipe is a simple crust recipe, then a can of crushed tomatoes, pinch of salt and FRESH mozzarella, fresh arugula or basil and it is orgasmic but it also looks just like the Baydog pizza! So B.D. you should hire an attorney and mount a lawsuit against those egregiously over priced bastards for pizza copyright infringement!...Dave you did have the recipe copyrighted? Right?