Monday, August 15, 2011

Cosas Verdes

Are you thinking what we're thinking?

So I was wondering what kind of Mexican Squirrel was chewing
on my jalapenos lately.  I probably missed him the other day
because he is kinda green.  Holy guacamole!  Bonnie, what kind
of caterpillar is this again?

Don't worry, I brought him inside just to get a better look at him
before I batter-fried him.  Kidding.  Just like with the mouse I caught
 in my living room years ago, I went outside and threw him into the 
woods.  No way they'll ever find their way back here, right?  

The one ripe jalapeno he didn't get.  I don't know what's wrong 
with me and growing certain vegetables.  The herbs do fine, but the
freakin tomatoes take forever to grow, and half of them rot on the
vine before I pick them.  The jalapenos have not even been remotely
hot, just chewy green pointy bell peppers.  At least someone likes 'em.

And yes, blowfish again.  This time panko crusted.  I'll get tired
of them soon, right around the end of their season.


  1. You should have dropped that green monster in a bottle of Patron and revisited him in a year or so, then he would green, spicy, hallucinogenic and nutritious! Its funny how all things that end up in the bottom of a bottle tequila end up hallucinogenic...thoughts?

  2. Doug, why are you changing colors. Doug?........

  3. Forget the insects, I have a ground hog that eats the whole plant... trap is set, I hope that he/she doesn't eat that too. Ugh... there goes the pepper plant! Can you discharge a firearm in Jackson? about a Crossbow or a RPG?

  4. I think I would have had that caterpillar stuffed and mounted over the mantle.

  5. I have the same problem. What animal is this????