Monday, April 2, 2012

Now's the Time

At 1.69 a pound, we'll be having the 'royal vegetable' often this
time of year.  Boiled for 3-4 minutes in well-salted water,
all this needs is a little olive oil and lemon juice and you're good
to go.  Since the chives have been pushing up as well, chop
some and sprinkle on top.  And keep a clothespin next to the toilet.

"I stick to asparagus which still seems to inspire gentle thought."
-Charles Lamb, British essayist, in "Grace before meat"

I love asparagus with lamb.


  1. I once stayed at a hotel in Netherlands during the asparagus season and the restaurant had a special dinner on the menu where every course (5 courses if I recall correctly) including dessert was an asparagus dish. I had to try it. Surprisingly good!

    I bet Baydog coule devise such a menu for us?

  2. Tell me when! Seriously, waterbloggers' gathering in my back yard. Let's get this on the calendar.

  3. Only if we don't have to have asparagus for EVERY course.

  4. You choose the menu, I cook it.

  5. Tillerman,

    I have been to Amsterdam and loved it. Yes, there is all the seedy stuff about those coffee houses...not that I had anything to do with that, Oh no, not for me but the asparagus was to die for!!!

  6. my father has a few rows of asparagus is his garden, and always has plenty of it. that's one of those vegetables that I didn't care for growing up (my siblings and I called it "asparaguts"), but have come to appreciate it as I've grown older.

    if only he had remembered to bring me of his asparagus some a few days back when we found that bucket of morel mushrooms!