Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Prelude to OFD

Smoky Sweet Potato Gratin.  Not yams, which are orange,
but sweet potatoes which are much paler colored and red-skinned.
The smokiness came from a dash of Wright's liquid smoke, which
I'm not afraid to admit.  Apparently it's not bad for you and it really
gives a nice flavor to things if you don't overdo it.  

Humongous U-7 dry sea scallops from Barnegat Light.  I went to the 
store to buy salmon for gravlax, and when I saw these I stopped at 
the kidney donation booth for some extra cash.  I pan-basted these 
with brown butter and pine nuts, then poured the baste over boiled 
broccoli florets.  And the big day isn't for three more days?
We're all in serious trouble. 

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